Teaching Resources

Books by Bruce and Rick

Browse the books written by both Bruce and Rick.

Funeral Archive

The archive of funerals.

God’s Truth for Daily Living Radio

Listen to our God’s Truth for Daily Living Radio Broadcast.

Sermon Archive

Browse and search though our sermon archive. (tip: search with control-f) Also watch the sermon direct within the sermon. (Video of the sermons are only available since April 15 of 2012.)

Old Sermon Archive 

For those who liked the old index sites and those search capabilities we have left the old indexes on the site. These may disappear when all the sermons are moved to the new site. Sermons starting the summer of 2013 are not listed on this site.

Books We Recommend

This is a list of books we (Bruce and Rick) have recently read that we felt were excellent books. We’ll tell you a little about the book in the hope you might be encouraged in your own study.

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