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Lessons in the Wilderness: Life Lessons from Exodus – Deuteronomy.

This book covers some of the key accounts of books 2-4 in the Bible. This book is a sequel to Bruce’s first book: Faith Lessons: Lessons in Faith from Genesis.

There are 22 chapters and at the end of each chapter are questions for discussion. It is ideal for personal or group study.

Paperback: $12.99  Kindle: $5.00

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Meeting with God: Year 2

This is a sequel to the first Meeting with God (see below). There is a Scripture and devotional thought for every day of the year. It is perfect for starting (or finishing) your day. It is also good for encouraging someone to delve deeper into the Christian faith. 377 pages

Paperback $17.50 (Kindle: $9.00)

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Rebuilding_Life_Afte_Cover_for_KindleRebuilding Life After Grief and Loss

Bruce Goettsche 99 pages Published by Amazon CreateSpace May 8, 2016

This is a brief book that looks at the nature of grief and how to survive these times of such deep pain. It also proposes some simple strategies to help you  celebrate the life of the person who died and also find meaning for your own life in the future.

This is a good book to give to anyone who has experienced a loss in life.

Price: paperback $7.00 (Kindle $4.00) Order from Amazon


meeting GodMeeting with God: A Year of Daily Readings and Reflections

Bruce Goettsche 375 pages Published by Amazon CreateSpace 2015

This book contains a scripture reading for every day, brief comments on the passage and a short prayer. it is designed to get you into the Bible on a Daily basis. The Days are numbered rather than dated so you will not be overwhelmed if you miss a day (we know how discouraging that is). There is a Scripture Index in the back of the book if you want to see if a particular passage is listed.

This is a good book for someone trying to establish a daily quiet time or as a gift to a friend you want to encourage in their faith.

Price: Paperback $17.99  Kindle: $9.00 Order from Amazon

A Handbook for Surviving Divorce: When You Would Rather Still be Married

Bruce Goettsche 110 pages published by CreateSpace by Amazon 2015

Handbook for Surviving Divorce Cover

This is a short book (100 pages in print that is designed to give very practical help to those who are going through or have recently gone through a divorce. In addition to describing why people have such a hard time getting through divorce, Bruce gives some ways to address the various issues that arise in divorce such as: The various losses that go with divorce; how to handle “special days”, what to do about new relationships, and how to understand Biblical passages about divorce. Sometimes Christians have to add to the pain of the divorce the sense of shame that comes from feeling they have let God down. It is quick read you can give to  friend.

The book is intentionally short recognizing that people going through the trauma of divorce have trouble concentrating. The book was published August 2015

Price: Book $7.50 Kindle 2.99 Order from Amazon

songs of the heart cover picSongs of the Heart: Psalms That Connect 

Bruce Goettsche 200 pages published by Amazon CreateSpace 2014

This long awaited new book from Bruce looks at 18 Psalms. The goal of the book is to introduce us to the different kinds of Psalms and the way they practically speak to our daily lives and our honest pain. There is something in the Psalms for everyone. There are questions at the end of every chapter for discussion. The book can be used in Sunday School, Small Groups or times of personal devotion or enrichment. The book is available in print and at a greatly reduced Kindle format.

List Price 10.00 Kindle: $2.99  Order from

Difficult People Cover

Difficult People: Dealing With Those Who Drive You Crazy

Bruce Goettsche and Rick Goettsche (Xulon Press)

This short ten chapter book is a practical handbook for dealing with the difficult people in your life.  Father and Son team Bruce and Rick Goettsche draw principles from the Bible that are down-to-earth, life-tested, and intensely practical.  The book has questions at the end of each chapter making it suitable for personal or group study.  The book would be perfect for small groups, Sunday School classes and for leadership training.  Available at in Print or e-book Format.

List Price: $14.99. Kindle $7.99 Order from

joyJOY: Finding It, Keeping It

Bruce Goettsche, 216 pp paperback, (Xulon Press)

People talk and sing about joy, but few seem to actually live joyfully.  This is true not only of the world, but also of the church.  Instead of joy, churches are often characterized by conflict, materialism, discouragement, lifelessness and aggression.  In this book the words of Paul are carefully examined to discover principles we can apply to help us discover a joy that is unaffected by the prisons of our lives. This study of Philippians is ideal for personal or group study and has discussion questions at the end of each chapter.  Available at in Print or e-book format.

List Price: $14.99 Kindle $7.99 Order from

Finding Your Way CoverFinding Your Way Through the Fog

Bruce Goettsche, 194 pp. paperback  (Xulon Press)

When terrorism threatens, conflicts rage throughout the world, and living by Christian values becomes a cause for ridicule and abuse, we need a foundation that is solid.  In this book Bruce uses Paul’s letter to the Colossians to uncover basic principles for a solid faith.  The first few chapters focus on understanding what we believe.  The remaining chapters highlight biblical and practical values that reveal what we believe in the practical outworking of our lives. The book is clear, practical, and addressed to the everyday believer.  It is ideal for individual or group study. Buy from Amazon in Print or e-book format.

Book includes study questions for group study.  List price: $14.99 Kindle $7.99 Order from

Faith Lessons: Lessons in Faith from Genesis

Bruce Goettsche, 283 pp paperback, (CreateSpace from Amazon 2001, 2017)

This is our most popular devotional book consisting of 30 chapters brings to life the stories and people found in the book of Genesis. This is not a commentary but a series of “case studies” that will help you understand and appreciate the message of Genesis like never before.  The chapters are short enough to read before bed or during your devotional times. You’ll be surprised to see what you can learn from our forefathers in the faith. This is a new release of the original book. It now contains study questions and is available in paperback and Kindle format.

You can order or download the paperback or download the Kindle versions here

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